Sunday School

Sunday School is an integral part of Pathways.  Approximately 80% of those who attend the worship service on Sunday morning are also present in Sunday School.  It’s in Sunday School that our members really get to know each other.  The class members are there to share the joys and concerns, to provide love and support for each other.  Jobs in the church, such as service at Crosslines each month or greeters for the worship service, are assigned according to the Sunday School classes.
We offer classes for all age groups, from pre-school on up.
Currently, we have six adult classes.  Five of the seven meet in classrooms in the Family Life Center.

The Friendship Class is a multi-generational class that has been in existence for many years.  The members enjoy studies about contemporary life.  It is led by Beth Reed.

The Joy Class uses a variety of texts and materials throughout the year,  but no matter what the lesson of the day, it is assured that there will be a great deal of discussion on the topic and it’s application to modern-day issues.  Dean Ritenour is the leader of the Joy Class.

The name of The Circle of Friends Class accurately describes this group of friends who meet together to learn more about the Kingdom of God.  Due to this sanctuary of trust, they are able to share their innermost feelings with each other.  They feel convicted to help and work for our church to help in its growth and general ministry.   This class, as does all of our classes, welcomes new members into their circle.

The College Class, led by Kevin Manary, is for college-aged students and focuses on the concerns of young adult Christians living in a secular society.

The Wesley Class meets in the Group Room.  Most of the members are retired but continue to take an active role in the life of our church.  They use the International Sunday School Lessons for their texts and enjoy discussing both the Bible lessons and the issues confronting our church and society today.  The Wesley Class has three teachers who take turns leading:

Our Youth Class is for students in 9th-12th grades.  They meet in the Youth room located in the basement of the church were they use games, stories, and technology to further expand there understanding of Christ.

NXT (the Next Generation) meets in the Serenity room and is for 6th, 7th and 8th grade. We explore how to survive middle school in today’s world and how a close relationship with Jesus is key.  We discuss real-life situations, as well as do some awesome service projects. Led by Connie and Jayme Deck.

Pre-School thru Fifth Grades meets downstairs in the education wing with teachers Leandra Costello and Mona Gist.  This class uses the Bible-based United Methodist curriculum, The One-Room Sunday School.

Nursery is available during Sunday school and morning worship for children up through age 3.  Miss Rhonda and Miss Emily are Safe Sanctuary approved and ready to care for your child in our remodeled nursery area.

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